finished another

Hamels quilt yesterday. trying to get caught up on the 15 quilts they dropped off for us last month. i'm trying to get as many done as i can before next week-my machine table is here and because i had originally transferred my money into US funds-i'm short roughly $500(ack) so the more quilts i complete, the less money i have to make up lol!

this quilt is the one i was ripping apart last week. i quilted it with a Superior Brytes thread(3ply poly thread. that was fun pulling out lol) used a So Fine in the bobbin. quilted with Lorien's Vortex pattern

edited to add that this is a new Moda line of fabrics


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog every week. This quilt is 'to die for' ... love the colors, patterns ... everything about it.

  2. Absolutely beautiful Rhonda! I really love the colors!


  3. your quilts and cards as always are beautiful.....that looks like a lot of hard work putting in that driveway....we have to lay foundation for hubbies new shop....not looking forward to that I can tell you....hope you have a great weekend! Happy BC Day....


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