tempting tuesday!

comment on THIS post and get the chance to win YOUR choice of any of the cards i posted in the month of August(that i made)

good luck!!

winning number is 3-Janet that's you! email me your details and which card and i'll get it off to you.


  1. Your cards are always so pretty and you have so many give-aways. Please enter my name for this one.

  2. beautiful card! of course, all of yours are!

  3. Once again Rhonda, I have to say.......................BEAUTIFUL work!

    Love the quilts you make. Just wish I was half as talented as you are.


  4. What a cute little card! Wow, I still can't believe you find the time to do all this with four kids in the house! ;) :P

  5. Hmm, only 5 comments so far. I think I'll try again! After all, a card is a very nice thing to get in the mail.

  6. Just a quick hello. found you on Wet Coast Women bloggers. Nice cards & quilts!


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