baby showers and birthday parties

had a very busy saturday-a baby shower to go to and B had a birthday party to attend. tomorrow we have a 1st and 3rd party AND B has a party for his best friend-a very busy weekend!

here's the quilt and card i made for the baby shower today

quilt was quilted with a varigated KingTut thread in blue/orange/green. Oriental Illusions quilting pattern by Norma Sharp


  1. What a beautiful job for a lucky little baby! Something they can treasure for a long time! Handmade gifts are wonderful to give, I'm sure they appreciate it.

    Have a great day!

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention, love your new hair colour! At least is looks like you went lighter...a box of colour is also screaming my name up in my bathroom closet! Perhaps tonight... lol :)

  3. Gorgeous card and quilt. Lucky new mom-to-be! ;)

  4. Love the colours of this quilt Rhonda! Are you enjoying the beautiful September weather? (I can see the sun shining in onto your quilt.)


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