we took the boys into the BC Lions football game last night(took us 3.5 hours to do the 2 hour drive in!)

had a great time(BC won 46-17 over Montreal)


  1. They look so cute watching the game. My two nephews are both into Rugby and play rather well.

    are your two fellas playing in a team yet?

  2. Looks like fun for sure.

    I still want to be with your husband fishing on the rock point in your sidebar. I enjoy that picture every time I visit.

  3. Claire, our older two do curling, its their second year and #2 is entering his 3rd year of basketball. #'s 3 and 4 are the soccer lovers

    Gene, he was actually out there tonight and caught 2 pink salmon-i believe they are called humpy salmon in the States

  4. Looks like you had a good time! It's been a while here, but I used to LOVE going to football games. :)

  5. oh it looks like the boys were having a great time....I must tell you I don't miss the commmute at all.....


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