party x 2

september is our birthday month. both A and J have birthdays-10days apart. with A starting a new school this year, we decided to delay his birthday party. and with me going to be at Innovations this weekend, on J's birthday, we decided to have his party early.

so i made the invitations. my mojo was really lacking but hey, J liked them. we got them handed out last week and waited for the RSVPs to come in.

friday night, J asks why the date was wrong on the invitations. turns out i had put sunday's date, not saturday's-ack! so we called the kids we had numbers for, got them changed to sunday but there were 3 kids we couldn't get ahold of.

so we had the party on saturday. and yesterday lol!

4 love it too:

Anonymous said...

Eeeeek! Two parties?! lol

The invitations look great. Wow, that's a LOT of work. I print ours on the computer. Because I am NOT that organized. :P

Jeanne said...

A birthday week-end! Cute invitations and I bet they had a great time.

Tracy.H said...

Well, I bet that was a fun weekend!! :0)

Anonymous said...

I love those cards - they are great!! (as always :-)

Any of those birthdays the same as mine?? (the 22nd) I only know one person who has the same b-day as mine, so I need to know another! hehe

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