playing catch up

did you miss me?

got home Saturday night from Innovations just in time to see J open his birthday gifts(he turned 10 on the 22nd) and steal a piece of cake. i totally forgot to buy more candles so the poor kid ended up with a 1 and a 9(equals 10 right? lol!)

Innovations was great. i learned so much! have to admit that the vendor mall was soooo very tiny. i only bought a few piecing patterns. mom stocked up on bags of yummy threads(some of the colors are heavenly!) and longarm patterns. i didn't get allot of pictures but i had to take one of the hotel bathroom

2 love it too:

Gene Bach said...

What an AWESOME cake! Will you make me one too?

It' not like my fat old butt NEEDS one...I just WANT one. LOL!

QuiltNut Creations said...

hi Gene, i would love to take credit for the cake but i can't. we got it at safeway and it was actually a cupcake cake

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