on our longarm quilting machines, we have clamps, 2 on each side, that attach to the edge of the quilt to keep it taught while quilting. i hate hate hate them. they don't give even tension to the quilt sandwich and too many times to count have i ran into them while quilting

when we were at Innovations, we hoped to find some of the new flat, featherweight clamps that have been chatted about on various quilting boards and in quilting magazines. we found nothing.

than i had a moment of brilliance (stop laughing)what about pant hangers?? so i spent $2(plus tax lol) and got a pair. and guess what? FANTASTIC! so much easier than the ugly clamps, these are flat, easier to open-love them!


  1. Great idea--I am going to give it a try!

  2. great idea! I've been using tarp clamps for years, as they are open and closeable with one hand, and not giant heavy things like the pony clamps are. I like the look of this though, and may have to try it!

  3. Good idea Rhonda! And probably cheaper than specialty clamps would have been.


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