tempting tuesday!!

comment on THIS post, and enter to win your choice of any of the cards i made and posted in the month of November! good luck!

and the winner is, commenter #4 Betsy77! email me your snail mail and which card you like and i'll mail that off to you.


  1. I'm trying to recover from this past Saturday's Snack but I'll try to comment. ;)

    I like the glitter and how you used it for the center of the snowflake and the flower. Also, the pretty petals on the flower are lovely.

    I know I'm getting big from Snack Saturday but I hope not too big to "enter" to win.

  2. you know how I feel about your cards...they are simple amazing..as are your quilts.....count me in.....

  3. Did you get new glasses? They look great - I like 'em! Your skin looks great too - I just finished ordering that soap you told me about, so can't wait to try it!

    Is that enough sucking up for me to win????


    (PS: I wasn't just sucking up - I meant every word. :-)

  4. Love the color combinations! You alwasy do something different Rhonda. Thanks.

  5. I love the words- design & everything!

  6. Wow I love this card! The colors are amazing! Judy R


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