good to be home

even with having such a fabulous time with my brother and sister in law, it's great to be home again.

got spoiled again this year, but i think i deserve it lol! 1.2carat diamond earrings from Jim and i scored a cuttlebug on boxing day with some christmas money

3 love it too:

Lisa said...

Hi Rhonda! Welcome home. Hope your Christmas was really, really lovely (it looks pretty good from this angle!) Now your fella needs to take you out somewhere you can wear your pretty bling....maybe New Year's Eve?
Best wishes in 2008!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful earrings!!!

Yay! I love my cuttlebug! Can't see what you create with yours! What a fun gift!

Theresa said...

Ya! What could a girl want more than diamonds & craft supplies!!!!
(I got spoiled this year too in the same departments!!!)

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