i surrender!

for almost two weeks now, we've had a stomach bug slowly working its way through our household. J got it first, than M, than A. Jim came down with it this week while away in Washington DC. i was just keeping my fingers crossed(and really really clean!) that it would pass by me and B.

no such luck. B woke up this morning with it. and with that, i made a really really hard desicion. Jim and i had tickets for Bon Jovi's Vancouver concert tomorrow night. i've waited 10yrs to see him and will be waiting a few more years now. i just can't take the risk of having B and/or Jim still sick tomorrow. or even worse, have me get it tomorrow or at the concert(how embarrassing would that be? lol)

course now Murphy's Law will kick in. now that i sold the tickets, i won't get sick at all right? lol


  1. Well, doesn't that just suck! I hope everyone in your house is healthy again.

  2. oh that is sooo sad! I'm sorry you don't get to go. Hopefully he'll come back really soon for you!!!


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