isn't he cute?

i still need to sew the binding down. and draw on some eyes. and i have no green thread to match the letters so i'll have to appliqué them later. but other than that, he's finished lol! and i did the whole thing with fabric from my scrap bin, have to love that!

and stay tuned, i may have another snowman wallhanging to show you tomorrow!


  1. He is ADORABLE!! Do you mind sharing where you got the pattern from? I just might have to make him. :>)

  2. Absolutely Gorgeous. Love love love your quilting. I am a wanta be quilter. I have done small wall hangings ( all sewn and quilted by hand). I have longed to do a full one. I have done a few block of with apliques too. But never turned them into anything. Wish I had a quilting buddy to sew with. I love viewing all your creations. I have been a silent admirer of yours for a long time. Great job. Thanks for sharing.


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