more snowmen

and again this one was blue! i bought the kit from Hamel's and luckily enough, they still had some of the green snowmen i used in the border

i've noticed a bunch of new readers lately, so HI!!
thanx for stopping by!!


  1. Your snowman project is so cute! Is that your own pattern? I would love to make one..I'm crazy for snowmen! Thanks for stopping by my
    blog :-)!

  2. oh, my, that is CUTE! I love the progression of the snowman. :)

  3. this is a gorgeous quilt too !!!! Love it!

  4. Hi to you too! I'm one of those new readers. I have read all of your earlier posts and will continue reading your blog. I love your quilts!

    Anna (from Finland)

  5. Very fun!! Although, we have had a ton of snow lately, I still love snowmen!!



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