by Cindy

1. Name your 2 favorite Scrapbooking themes: i don't scrapbook, shocking i know!

2. What are the 2 best places you've been to? San Fransisco and New York City

3. Name 2 things you do every day: spend too much time on the computer and laundry

4. What are your 3 favorite stores? Hamels Fabrics and, don't laugh, Walmart lol

5. What are your 2 favorite accessories to stamp/scrap with? i still love skeleton leaves and ribbon

6. What are your two favorite occasions to make cards for? baby and birthday

1 comment:

  1. Seriously? You don't scrapbook?

    Somehow I figured you did!

    Hmmmm... I guess I don't know you at all! (hehe)

    Happy New Year!


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