why are all snowmen blue?

have you noticed that? most snowmen quilts are blue, or at least the majority of the ones i've seen have been. i know it's because the blue represents cold but they are always blue lol!

anyways, was packing away the Christmas stuff today and bringing out my snowmen collection(yes, i have so many snowmen that they come out in January after the Christmas stuff is gone) and i realized that since painting my kitchen, the table runner i had on our kitchen table for January no longer matches. so what could i do but start a new one? and sadly enough, the one i did isn't even for the table lol!

this is the pattern i was using, hence the whole why are snowmen blue babble above. i just couldn't bring myself to do it in blue. so i ended up emptying out my scrap bin and found the wonderful snowmen fabric(that there was exactly just enough of!) i ended up using in the border and went from there. you may remember, i had started this wall hanging last month but goofed on the letters. i got it right this time!

not sure why mine looks like a cowboy snowman but hey, i like it.

and just when i went to quilt it, i discovered i'm out of batting!! and i still need a winter table runner lol!!


  1. I love it! I don't think your snowman looks like a cowboy, I think he looks very dignified with his top hat.

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  3. I think your snowman is adorable and as far as why he looks like a cowboy I think it's because the base of his hat is upside down. Very cute!


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