evilest quilt known to mankind

no seriously lol!
i started my thangles quilt in January 07. each month cost $2 and you make 1 block(commonly known as $1/month quilts in the US) i had the great idea of doing two of each month so i could make the quilt big enough to fit on our king-sized bed.
things were going great until July when i stopped doing the blocks every month and this past January i realized if i wanted to do THIS years thangles, i needed to finish last years!

so i finished off the blocks and headed down to Hamels to buy fabric for my sashings and borders. that's when i realized that i needed MORE blocks. so i did 6 more. than mom and i laid the quilt out and figured it was still not big enough so i did another 6 blocks. all in all, i've done 36 blocks, 22 of them in the last month. i am sick to death of this quilt lol!

on the bright side, the blocks are FINISHED! now to start the fun of assembling the quilt and making sure i don't have the same block to close to a twin of it.

but it will be put on the backburner(again) for a few days. Jim's birthday is coming up and i have to finish his gift

ack-sorry for the blurry pictures!

3 love it too:

Three Birds Inspired said...

Well, at least you have the "thangles" behind you! Can't wait to see the finished product and whatever you are making with the batik for Jim!

Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

What are you making for Jim?

I have to say I *love* thangles!! LOL I'm sure in a year I will be feeling the same as you, but I'm really happy with how my first two blocks turned out.

Anonymous said...

Lol, but now you are past the hard part and can do the fun stuff! Depending on your perspective, lol.

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