if you have snow or minus temps, don't read further!

we've been blessed with GORGEOUS spring-like weather the past few days. today it even hit +13C woo hoo! but i have a feeling we will get more snow in March. we are certainly enjoying the weather while it lasts!


  1. hey, I was just out taking similar pictures! Spring is definitely here, eh? Nice!

  2. Lucky you!! It has been nice here in Calgary, but we still have snow on the ground...but the end is hopefully near!! I can't wait for my lilacs!!

  3. wll, you can't be in the midwest! I just hope my lilacs survive the dog pee. I swear I will have no back yard flowers this year because of him.

    cold here-single digits and nasty stuff on the way by Sunday night. Sigh.

  4. Oh my gosh! You lucky, lucky girl! We've had 40's but no flowers showing! What a lovely picture! :o)

  5. Ummmm... I HATE you. lol. We have been buried under mountains of snow and ice. It's snowed 20 out of the past 23 days here. UGH!

  6. I have flower-envy.

    ~ J ~


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