meet Shadow

our new kitty. we picked him up today from the SPCA. poor thing was abandoned up in Northern BC. he is a long hair and the SPCA has had him partially shaved, i am taking him in on monday to have the rest of him done. the mats in his fur are the size of my palm poor baby!
the picture doesn't show how big he is-he is a really solid kitty. i'm so glad we found him. now to tell Jim lol!!


  1. I'm so glad you found Shadow. He's a gorgeous cat and looks pleased to have a new home. Both of our cats are rescued cats, too.

  2. He is beautiful!! How old is he? Have fun with the new addition. :0)

  3. What a gorgeous Cat !! So happy you have rescued him !!! HUGS

  4. Congratulations on the adoption of your latest family member... he's beautiful.


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