shopping therapy

have to admit that i've spent more time shopping for quilting and stamping stuff than it seems i have been actually doing lol.

last Sunday some girlfriends and i headed down to Washington State to do some shopping. i didn't get allot(i have too much lonely stamp guilt lol!) loved Michael's selection of $1 stamps-way better than what we have up here!

than today Cindy and i went fabric shopping. i got some fabric to finish off my thangles quilt and some loverly fabric for some soon to be arriving babies.


  1. Can't wait to see the new quilt. You do such a good job at them. Everytime I see them I get a warm fuzzy feeling about my grandmother who use to quilt. Sadly she is gone but you bring back fond memories of her.

  2. Yeah...I totally understand the have more than you use thing...not personally of course...NOT! I just love to buy stamps! Your material looks great! I love your quilts...they are wonderful!

  3. way to control your spending! hope to see some fun cards with your new rubber soon!


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