card friday

so long, far well! we are leaving today for DISNEYLAND! it's a big surprise for the boys, wondering how far we will get(we are driving) before they realize what we are doing lol
thanx for all your well wishes, i'm already feeling sooooo much better!

and so you don't feel lonely, i've set a few posts to publish while we are away. have a great week!


  1. what a sweet card really simple but sweet love the colors. thanks for sharing

  2. Oh, how fun! You didn't give enough detail long are you going to be gone? Where you know...the dirt! :o) Great card!

  3. Have an awesome trip!!! Be sure and take lots of photos...I will be hounding you when you get back for info. ;0)

  4. The boys don't know??? OMG - I can't even imagine how excited they are going to be!!!

    Have a great time!! :-)

  5. Have a GREAT time... I'm sure you'll have lots of pictures when you come back. You should REALLY take up scrapbooking, ya know?! :P :P :P


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