never a dull moment

was late getting to work today(i volunteer Thursday mornings at our boys' school) i ended up running up to the post office to get a parcel and in the 15minutes i was gone, this happened

he lost control of his car crossing the railway tracks and took out mom and dad's hedges. i got to spend the rest of my day dealing with the police and on the phone with our provincial insurance company and mom and dad's house insurance. no one seems to know who is responsible for repairing the hedge.

today was the first day he was allowed to drive alone in a car. thankfully no one was hurt


  1. where are you at that there is no snow and the roads are cleaned off? trade ya!

  2. Some days just don't make sense.

  3. All I can say is...that's gotta suck for everyone involved! :0)

  4. 10-1 odds that boy was speeding. This is going to sound mean but I hope he looses his son would! I'm glad everyone is okay!

  5. Teenaged boys and red cars...never a good combination!

  6. I have two comments:

    1) Holy crap! That is scary! Thank heavens no one is hurt.

    2) I can't believe how "spring-like" it looks there. I sit here looking outside at mounds of snow with more to come >:-(

    ~ shoey ~

  7. Yikes! I'm glad no one was hurt.

  8. Is the grass really green there? So, I shouldn't pack my boots? lol


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