this is the quilt from hello ;) lol. i started quilting it in February and had a horrible time with the batting(nice thick 3 inch poly), the quilt was very full in the middle and than the thread and my machine were not getting along. i was 2/3s through the quilt when i decided i couldn't continue. it took roughly 9 hours to take all the quilting out(after 3 days of quilting the quilt) than we washed it and decided on a new backing(the other was very thin unmatched flannel) and added a thinner cotton batting

and 3 hours later today, we have this
the quilt measure 66x95 and was quilted with Surf's Up quilting pattern

2 love it too:

Lorie said...

It is so worth the time! It is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful!

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