sewing expo goodies

look at all my neat finds! some very cute skinny wall hangings(the animal one is perfect for baby shower gifts) a cute little table runner(planning on using the scraps from my Thangles quilt on that) another jelly roll book(i am so addicted to jelly rolls!) and a charm square pattern-than of course i had to get the two packs of charm squares. and how cute that they come in a little tin. i also got little hangers for the skinny wallhangings.

also found a very cute quilt panel that is going to be making its way in the mail to a friend in the next coming weeks ;)


  1. Oooo...more stuff for us to see! That must have been a fun shopping trip! :o)

  2. I wondered if I would see you at the show! I was working at the Crafty Secrets booth on Saturday. I guess I missed ya!
    Looks like you had fun :)

  3. OOhhhh...loving that charm square quilt pattern!


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