some days

I hate quilting.

This is mom's Mother's Day gift. It was a kit. The center panel was not cut square. I tried squaring it up and ended up making it smaller than it should have measured and as you can see, there is a loverly bubble in the center. I'm going to have to double batting the center before I quilt it and hopefully that will fix the bubble. I do not want to have to take this apart!!


  1. Remember - washing and drying it will make it better!!!

  2. Consider it an "ode to our quilting grandmothers". Haven't you seen their crazy, wonky quilts???? You're just imitating their style! Besides, Suzan is right.....lots of stuff comes out in the wash! I think it's wonderful!

  3. I feel your pain, it is so challenging when a panel isn't cut properly to start with. Your mom's going to love it regardless, it's soooo cute!!!!

  4. I love this one! I also have the fabrics to make this--only in the pastel version. I will watch for how square the center panel is--thanks for the tip about quilting if I end up with a bubble. I had forgotten about the double batting trick. :)


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