quilt show goodies

Here's all my goodies!

-Yellow Brick Road Pattern
-24 FQ pack of Sock Monkeys
-Bistro charm square pack and jelly roll
-At Water's Edge charm square
-Happy Hour Quilt book
-Vintage Holiday charm squares
-This and That runner pattern
-Moda Sonnet FQ pack
-oriental fabric FQ pack
-5m backing fabric(a steal at $5/m!)
-Once Around the Block pattern

Now to find some time to get some of these goodies made up!


  1. Don't you just love to spread out all your stuff after a shopping spree and fondle all your goodies!?

  2. Nice goodies...and so much fun to handle whether you ever make anything with them or not. I am sure you will find the perfect project for each!

  3. Nice goodies - we have similar tastes!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Yellow Brick Road pattern - it is so easy and changes every time you make it. I have done 5 so far and am accumulating FQ's for more.

    Love those sock monkeys, too!!!


  4. OH MY, OH MY! I WANT SOME!!!! You are so lucky to have such wonderful quilt shops at your finger tips!


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