quilt show

Mom and I were in a quilt show(Abbotsford BC's Quilt Guild) this weekend-two very long but fun days. Was finally able to met fellow blogger Lisa. I found some amazing fabric deals(if only I could buy time to make the projects lol!)

Our booth

Lisa's stunning quilt

The details amazes me-she has such talent!

My favorites

Gives you an idea how small these are

Another award winner. This one has 476 squares and is called The Apple of My Eye

The antique quilt display. Quilts were supplied by two local museums

How the quilts were set up-there were over 300 of them

The take-down

Almost done. We got to drive in the big doors at the end of the building to load up our stock

5 love it too:

StitchinByTheLake said...

The antique quilts would be my favorites!

Lorie said...

Wow! That is neat! I looove the quilt section of our local fair. Such work goes into those beauties! :o)

Teresa said...

How fun! Hubby, my parents and I used to do craft shows and even if we did not make a lot of money, we met lots of people and had fun with it. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Lisa said...

Your photos were wonderful! I think you captured the spirit of the show. It was so lovely to meet you, too.

I hope you get to spend LOTS of time working on your own projects....


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Rhonda! The quilts are all gorgeous, but WOW! That apple one looks amazing!

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