a quick update

Turns out the B's lump was an infected lymph node in his neck. He ended up on IV antibiotics(they end today and he starts regular antibiotics) The drs still aren't sure how or why it happened so B may need a few more tests while he recovers.

As for me, I saw the dr yesterday and he ordered me to spend the next 3 days in bed. ugh. And just to make things a little more exciting around here, we have no kitchen lol


  1. As they say, when it rains it pours. Things will get better. Another saying this too shall pass.

  2. Nothing like everything at once! Sit back, relax for a little while. I'm sending you (((HUGS)))!!!

  3. Hope the medicine does the trick. No kitchen! Now you really have a good excuse not to cook. *s*

  4. I'm glad to hear your son is on the mend... now it's your turn! And just think, at least you didn't rip out your kitchen two days before Christmas like we did! It was crazy but sooo worth it!
    Have you gotten your "Epp" sign yet? I hope it was to your liking!
    All the best, Kim

  5. All the best to you and your son. Try to enjoy the 3 days of bed rest. No one will be leaving dirty dishes in the kitchen sink for you to have to wash ;) I so enjoy your blog. Very rarely comment but do want you and your family to feel great fast!

  6. Dominoes delivers!

    Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way that B and you will recover quickly and oompletely!

  7. Well....you really just have got the summer from you-know-where!!
    No kitchen! That is so frustrating!

    I am very relieved to hear your son is doing better. It must have been such a scare...

    And you! 3 more days in bed?! You must be so bored ;-) Hopefully, after the 3 days you will be all better!

  8. Wow! Sounds like you have quite the week! Hope everyone is feeling better soon. And hope your kitchen returns soon!! ;0)

  9. Oh! Get better! Take care of yourself...

    hope it all is back to normal really, really soon.



  10. Oh poor you.
    I'm glad your son is feeling better. Now it's time to look after yourself. At least with no kitchen you won't feel guilty about not being able to cook. stay in bed and let the others take care of you for a change.

    Love and hugs gina xxx

  11. I am glad that your son is feeling better, but it sucks that you have been sent to bed! Perhaps get hubby to move all your stamping stuff upstairs in your bedroom so you can stamp;)


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