quilt challenge finish #3

Here is my third finished project for Peg's quilting challenge. Quilted using Chinese Crescents

I also whipped up this panel for my cousin's son who is turning 4 tomorrow and a BIG Cars fan. I used the quilting pattern Inkblot


  1. Nice soft colors and I had not heard of that particular quilting pattern before but the name, Chinese Crescents, is intriguing. Peg sure does have a lot of bloggers hopping this month.

  2. What great projects! The quilting patterns you've used look great! I followed the link, and there are a lot of beauties there. Just curious, did you ever do the "outerspace" pattern?

  3. Cute "Cars" quilt and I really love the, what I call mono-tone quilt. I seem to drift toward buying the tone-on-tone to brown colors. Great job on both.


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