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Cindy and I have our kids in soccer camp this week so we decided to get together and each do a quilt(follow along with Cindy's progress on her blog

I decided to use my Dandelion Girl jelly roll. I was originally going to do the quilt pictured but I changed my mind-too much cutting in the first one lol! The quilt I am doing is from the Strip Delight jelly roll book.

. Tune in tomorrow(and each night this week) and watch our progress


  1. What a great idea - love what you're doing. I'll be watching your progress. Now I'm off to see what Cindy is doing. :-)

  2. It's looking great, Rhonda! I'll be posting my progress in a bit.

  3. My sister and I did this earlier this spring, and are already planning the next one for January.

    Lovely fabrics- can't wait to see it all together!


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