road trip

We headed off down to Portland Saturday morning. We had a free night in a hotel and wanted to take the kids to the zoo. So a quick 36 hour weekend away ensued(what were we thinking? lol)

We saw interesting traffic lights

Petted cockroaches(okay, not all of us did lol)

Fed birds

Rode the train

Saw some *alive* dinosaurs(they all moved and growled)

Discovered the bestest restaurant

Climbed all through a submarine(USS Blueback) Nice butt shot eh? lol!

And wrapped up the weekend just as the rain hit!


  1. Sounds great Rhonda! Who doesn't love free hotels?!

  2. Oh, the OMSI is wonderful isn't it? We went there several years ago and just loved it!!!

  3. Looks like fun...all but the roach part!! :0)

  4. What a great weekend you all had. I don't think I would have gone near the cockroaches either.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  5. Looks like a good time! Are you saying you didn't touch the roaches? LOL!
    I wouldn't go into that submarine....I'd hold a roach any day, but don't ask me to climb into a submarine!!!

  6. Looks marvelous - I would have passed on petting the cockroach, too!

  7. Sound wonderful except maybe the cockroach part LOL!


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