thangle me baby!

I'm doing both Thangle Quilts this year through Hamels. One is going to be for my brother and sister in law for Christmas, the other, I'm not sure yet

I have completed the first 8 blocks of the Rambling Rose Quilt I am not finishing it like the pattern suggests(I won't have time to complete it and get it quilted if I wait until December lol) I need to pick up another fabric for my setting stones(corner stones?) for the sashing in between the rows

Here's the first block of the Simplicity Quilt


  1. Nice starts on the quilts. I think I have some of the blue you used in the of my favorites.

  2. it's looking great!! I don't even know how they suggest to finish it. Did they tell us that already? LOL

  3. Woohoo! That looks amazing! I love the black and white look!


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