i couldn't resist

I truly have a pumpkin addiction

FYI, when you cut out an appliqué quilt-iron it down right away. Don't leave it for over a week on your ironing board so a 4 legged helper can mess up all your pieces so when you go to iron it down, you have no idea what piece goes where because you already took all the backing off. Not that this happened or anything ;)


  1. Hmmmmm....could the helper be a CAT???? I get lots of that kind of "help" around here too. Love the pumpkins. I've been pulling out fall decorations lately like a mad woman. Love autumn!

  2. I love fall decorations too. There is seomthing comforting, almost like nesting about getting the fall items out of the attic.
    I also get lots of help from our cats too and then they always lookat you so innocent like.

  3. That is so cute! I love it! (I've got a thing for pumpkins, too...)Is it a pattern... or one of your very own creations?

  4. Too funny Rhonda! I love this pattern...pumpkins are so...I don't know comforting? That sounds weird but I just love fall! :o)

  5. Looks great.....love autumn colors, nice pattern......
    cool iron board cover


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