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Yes I am back. Thanks to all of you for your support. Surgery ended up being not as serious as it should have been(long story but that is the gist of it) As a result, my dr is pursuing other possibilities of what has been causing me constant pain for the past 10 weeks. The pain is bad enough that I haven't been sleeping and I have a very hard time doing things as simple as picking things up off the floor and sitting down. But I have great faith in my dr(he really is fantastic) that we will get this figured out soon!

Today was my first day back to work and I realize tonight, I did too much lol. I started these quilts last week and got 2.5 of them done. Finished them off today and very happy how they turned out-and that I didn't have to call my customer for an extension!

All four were quilted with Daises Galore


  1. Take it easy! I hope you don't push yourself quite so hard today. ((hugs!))

  2. I'm glad things weren't as bad as first thought. Take care of yourself and listen to any doctors orders.

    Love an dhugs Gina xxx

  3. Its good that the surgery went well and you are able to quilt some more, but I hate to hear that the doc did not identify the problem. My poor husband deals with constant pain too and I know how difficult it can be from watching him.

  4. You need to call House! *grin* He can solve anything...may take up a whole TV hour, but he can do it! Love this it minkee squares surrounded by brushed cotton? ADORABLE!

  5. Ooohhhh!!!! Those quilts look so cozy, perfect pattern for them too!
    It's great to know that your back and that you are being taken care of. You're in my thoughts!

  6. Your quilt looks gorgeous. Its nice to have things finished. You will have to put your feet up and (stitch) get better.

  7. It's lovely! I fell in love with the Feeling groovy pantho! I think I have that daises galore on my wish list! Thanks for sharing!


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