snack saturday

Spider Cupcakes

1 pkg. (2-layer size) chocolate cake mix
1 pkg. (4-serving size) Chocolate Instant Pudding
1/3 cup Orange Sugar Sweetened Drink Mix
2 Tbsp. hot water
1 container (450 g) vanilla ready-to-spread frosting
24 OREO Cookies
12 pieces black shoestring licorice (32 inch each)
48 miniature candy-coated chocolate pieces

PREPARE cake batter as directed on package. Blend in dry pudding mix. Spoon evenly into 24 paper-lined medium muffin cups. Bake as directed on package for cupcakes. Cool completely.

DISSOLVE drink mix in hot water. Stir into frosting until well blended. Use to frost cupcakes, reserving some of the frosting for attaching the candies.

CUT each licorice piece into 16 (2-inch) lengths; set aside. Place 1 cookie on top of each cupcake. Insert 4 licorice pieces into frosting on each side of cookie for each spider's legs. (Eight licorice pieces for each cookie.) Use reserved frosting to attach candies to tops of cookies for the spiders' eyes.

5 love it too:

Willow Grove - Kez said...

What a great idea. School tomorrow. Might have to make some. Thanks for sharing.

alda said...

that's very funny!! my both children would love it too!!

Andy said...

cool little critters....perfect for the season!

dawnmercedes said... I am squeeeeeezed into my jeans. And boy do I love Oreos! haha.

Carole said...

Cute! I love halloween! Hope you're feeling better! Keep well!

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