And no, I don't mean the little green men type lol.

I have lots of UFOs, BIG ones. This is one I really want to finish. And to be truthful, I was going to give it away on my blog but when I showed it to Cindy, she said i had to finish it. It has now been put into the current projects pile(and surprisingly, the pile is small lol!) There isn't allot to finish on it; I'm raw edge appliqueing the appliqued pieces and than it needs quilted. In fact, I just may put it on the machine and applique the pieces while quilting it. I'll keep you posted ;) lol

And how about you??? What UFO's do you have hidden away? I just may dig out my oldest UFO-a watercolor Christmas wreath that I started NINE years ago lol!

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  1. I disagree with your friend. This is one you should definitely give away!!! *evil grin* LOL

  2. Oh good, I'm glad you're going to finish it. It's way too gorgeous not to!

  3. Darling piece ---Well worth completing. I love the little birds.

  4. That is way way too beautiful to be a UFO! I love the colors, the little birds and the branches :-)

  5. This is pretty! I have several things I could do that is for sure!

  6. To cute not to finish. I have a few UFO and not enough time probably because I start more without finishing any. So well done.

  7. That is one beautiful quilt-top!!! Great colors!!! 8-)
    Actually, I have quite a few UFOs done in the last year. Hubby promised me a Pfaffy if I got a bunch done. Pfaffy sits at my sewing table now... 8-) And since then I have also got 3 done, and was able to make and complete 3 baby quilts, and a 25th anniversary wall-quilt! Feels good! But now I have taken a break from the UFOs and started 3 new projects...
    Happy stitchings!


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