wordless wednesday


  1. While that picture is very pretty I recognize that I'm too much of a girlie girl because I also think of how many bugs and stuff there must be on this path. Terrible aren't I?!

  2. guess what... This picture makes me even more longing for the place where I grew up. I am from the southern part of the Netherlands but moved a couple of years ago to the west part of the country. Where I lived we had rivers, woods, hills, little mountains and lots and lots of trees. Were I live now, we can watch as far as "into yesterday" meaning the land is flat, not much trees let alone woods or a forrest. yes we have the see but looking at this picture makes me even more homesick then I was ever before.
    Thank you for this gorgious picture!
    Hugs from the Netherlands
    Winda aka (*ΓΌ*)


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