have YOU read it?

And more importantly, have you seen the movie yet? Went last night and LOVED it! Ahhh Edward


  1. So you would recommend the movie then? I always worry that the movie will never live up to the book. ;0)

  2. OME! I saw it this afternoon!!! Love it! Read the books twice already! The book is better - but I could see the movie over and over again - lol!
    :) margie

  3. Read the book and saw the movie yesterday. I agree I like the book better. I went with my daughter, granddaughter and husband. I love talking and hearing my granddaughter when she talks about the books and just seeing her enthusiam, is great!!

  4. I'm intrigued with these books since I've heard so much about them. I saw that Costco had the whole series for sale in a set...hmmm...
    ps I love your new blog look for Christmas!

  5. I have read all four books on the recommendation of my 13 year old granddaughter. I loved them. Each book was more exciting than the previous one. Hope to see the movie this week.

  6. Before this movie came out, I hadn't even HEARD of these books... so, probably won't be seeing the movie! The idea of a Vampire movie doesn't really move me....


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