i finally finished

After taking a class at Hamels two years ago, I got this teeny tiny stitchery done over the weekend. Now to figure out what to do with it lol! And yes, I should have ironed it before I took the picture lol!


  1. Very pretty, even if it isn't ironed!

  2. Beautiful stitchery. I'm catching up on my post reading... Don't sweat the wrinkles.. If you're like me, sometimes I'm so excited about the completion threads, wrinkles, fringed edges all get photo opts... To me, it captures enthusiasim (spelling?!?!). Wordless Wednesday.... one word came to mind--- speechless--- it looks totally delicious..got a recipe? I have a sizzix machine... I may have to try the technique....
    Hope your thursday is great...

  3. I remember one wall hanging/embroider project that I started as a youth took YEARS to complete. So 2 isn't that bad!


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