not my favorite

This is a Moda charm pack; I think it's Victorian Holiday?? Anyways, I don't like it. Just doesn't seem festive to me. Plus I'm not following a pattern, I just didn't want to work on any of the half finished Christmas gifts that I should be working on lol!

How is everyone doing with their Christmas plans? I have two more gifts for Jim to pick up tomorrow and a few goodies to bake. A wall hanging to quilt, a pillow to cover, 2 teeny tiny wallhangings to start(they are cut out out lol!!) and 6 tea towels to applique. At least my Christmas cards were all mailed on time lol!!


  1. I think it'll look great once you get it all quilted. It would make a great lap quilt with minkee on the back.

    I still need to get a couple more gifts... but I'm not going to stress about finishing all of the Christmas projects I've started. (or at least I will try not to stress about them haha)

  2. Oooo...see, now I think this will be LOVELY! Good luck with getting everything done and I hate to brag but my shopping is done. Still need to wrap but you know! :o)

  3. You might like it when the quilt is all done.
    I've got a few more things to finish, 2 journals to embellish, some candy cane ornaments and I'm making fabric bags for wrapping. Can't forget about the dreaded grocery shopping still to do.

  4. I like the fabric but that's probably because I like a "toned down" Christmas theme. I am also a bit of a tizzy getting ready for Christmas. Thankfully a few of my family members won't arrive until the 27th!

  5. I think I agree with you, I'm not so sure about those colors as a Christmas theme, it's looking nice though for not having a pattern.

    I didn't make anything for gifts this year which is so different from every other year...guess I'm going to have to make it up next year!! Your list sounds better get movin!!


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