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I've completed two quilt tops so far this year. Both have now been added to the *to be quilted pile* and hopefully they are done soon. Especially since they are both seasonal and I would like to enjoy them this winter and not next

This is one of them. Mom gave me a gorgeous quilting calendar for 2009. The best part about it is that each quilt in it comes with the pattern-how cool is that? This quilt was for the end of 2008. The pattern had it made in blues but we all know my feelings on snowmen quilts always being blue lol. So I did it in green. And I have to say, I really like how it turned out.

I should mention, the snowmen and penguins all have eyes, noses etc to add but I'm going to use buttons so will wait until after quilting. And because it will be a wallhanging, I decided not to buttonhole all the pieces down. Also so I could finish it right away lol!

And you still have time to enter the Whirl into Winter giveaway. You can enter my giveaway here and be eligible to win either the table runner in that post or the cute snowmen pattern posted here Good luck!


  1. What a cute quilt! I love the penguins! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very cool quilt. It's an interesting design.

  3. Such an adorable quilt!!! I like your color choices.

  4. Making a snowman quilt using green rather than blue is very interesting--something I would never think of. It turned out great! I made a star shaped treeskirt for my mom's Christmas tree out of snowmen (but it's blue lol). I should post it on my blog so you can take a look at it. Anyway, I was pleased to read that you only made two quilt tops this year because my quilts usually take just as long. Too bad lives couldn't be less busy to provide more quilting time!


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