and the rains came

What happens when you take 61cm(sorry US readers!) of snow and add 163mm of rain(in a 24hour period)?

This was a field. Our town is now in a state of emergency.

This is the hazelnut tree farm beside the field from above. The only thing holding the water off the road is that snow. On my way to work this morning, I drove through a water covered road. The water was so deep, it actually came in the doors of the van(and yes, I am well aware that I shouldn't have driven through but there were no road closed signs and there were other vehicles in front and back of me so if I got stuck, I figured I would be okay)

Thankfully, our house isn't anywhere near where the flooding is. It would have to rain an awful lot more for us to get wet.


  1. Yep, our county is in a State of Emergency because of the flooding too. I have several friends affect. So scary!

  2. I guess everyone knew this was going to happen with all the snowfall and then the incredible rain. I am no longer quite so jealous of my friends in Seattle. Stay warm and keep your feet dry!


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