disappearing 9 patch

I have wanted to make one of these for so long. I was working on a different quilt yesterday and I completely failed in following the directions and ended up making the quilt twice as big as I had originally wanted(from lap size to double/full lol) Good thing, I knew I could still get the fabric. Bad thing, I couldn't go when I realized I needed more fabric lol!!

So the 9 patch. I'm following the directions Wendy posted on her blog and it is so simple! I'm using a charm square pack from Benartex Cidar Mill Road. Now this charm square pack only had 37 charms so this has ended up smaller than I wanted but I'm hoping that Hamels has some of this in yardage and I'll pop a sashing into it(oh I just checked and they do. And even better, it's on sale!!!).

I'm not thrilled with my piecing. Something about me and charm squares not lining up; I don't think charm squares like me much lol.

And speaking of liking things, you can see how Gizmo loves this quilt. It is completely hopeless to lay a quilt out on the floor unless Gizmo gets locked into a room somewhere. Such a monster but we love him


  1. These look great! I love how you assembled the blocks. You're making me want to make yet another disappearing 9 patch!

  2. I've got to try a disappearing 9 patch, yours looks fantastic!

  3. I love love love the fabrics!!!! I have to get me some of those!!!! Is the whole quilt made from charm squares??? I'm going to have to look up this pattern...I have an endless supply of charm squares! Thanks for sharing...love it!

  4. Love the disappearing 9 patch. Somehow I'd missed this before. I have some charm packs and this will be a great way to use them up. I have to teach a technique/skill/or idea to my quilting group and this will be it.

  5. I love this layout for this technique - it creates a great "plaid"...

  6. I love the look of your scrappy DNP. There goes another 'to do' for my list. Thanks for sharing.


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