i'm tired

And I hurt. And because of that, I'm cranky lol.

I got a little carried away yesterday and today and quilted 4 quilts. In roughly 5 hours. And now I'm paying for it; my arms hurt, my back hurts, my shoulders hurt. But wow, did I do some great work! If I may say so ;)

Here's one of the quilts. I quilted this one with Winter White. I adore this pattern; it goes on so quick. I love the thread though, this pretty soft lilac. Now I don't have to work until Monday :)


  1. Wow 4 quilts in a day. Know wonder you have sore everything. Now you will have to rest. Look after yourself

  2. Wow! That is and awesome quilt! Unique too I think hey!?! 8-)
    Hope your feeling better by now!


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