quilt monday

Love this little guy. I made 4 of them over the holidays; three became gifts and this one mine. I never did get around to adding his eyes and his arms lol


  1. I Love your snowman...Great idea and great blog ( Quilt Monday )...
    I need to get mine quilted still hope to get caught up by Christmas...LOL

  2. Cute Cute Cute!!!!I'm glad you are not giving up on snowmen yet--- We still have a good 8 weeks of winter left....

  3. Your snowman is so cute. MAn I remember the "quiet" days...and what they meant! Looks like you and your young one BOTH had a fun day!

  4. This is gorgeous! Although after all of the snow we have had I think I am a little tired of snow. Bring on Sping!
    I love your blog!


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