something new

That I started working on today. I shouldn't be starting a new project since I have two birthday gifts to complete this week(neither are started and one birthday is Tuesday lol) and I need to get cracking on my swap quilt for Kimberly

But in my defense, I was cleaning off my cutting table so I could start one of the above projects and I had to get this fabric off and away. So I started sewing the strips together. This fabric came from Hamels and was in a large ziploc freezer bag for $8. I bought 3 thinking I could make something for our bed but right now, I'm just sewing them together and not really sure what I'm going to end up with lol!

Check out the quilt that Cindy made with a similar bag of strips. She cut her strips in half though, I've left mine.

PS-anyone have any idea what this line is called???


  1. It's looking really good... and isn't fun to just start sewing strips together not knowing exactly where you'll end up? :)

  2. I love these colours and patterns together! :)

  3. I don't know what the line is called, but it sure is pretty.

  4. Love that fabric line...I've never seen it before!


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