Or obsessed? Obsessed sounds so bad, I'll have to go with addicted. And what am I addicted over? Twilight I read the books two years ago, the first movie came out in November(on DVD last weekend woo hoo) and the second movie is being filmed currently here in BC

I keep my books right beside my bed. I never know when I might be an Edward fix ;)

On the weekend I got the director's notebook. I got the Team Edward key chain for Christmas

I even got myself a Twilight T-shirt!

But the best thing of all, are all these. I'm going to do something extra special with these. Stay tuned


  1. First I was gonna say a giveaway... then realized, T-shirt quilt!! :)

  2. I have the books sitting on my nightstand. After all the hype I am finally going to see what the heck is with these books!

  3. Watched the movie tonight... just don't get it! Maybe the books are better?

  4. No stinkin' way!!! You're going to make a ROCKtastic Twilight T-shirt quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're are too brilliant or in other words....too Rocktastic for your own good!!!


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