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I don't have enough to do, I started on these two quilts. I got all the button-holing done on the birdies. They are supposed to have feet but I thought they looked more like vampire teeth so I left them off lol.

The flowers are supposed to be raw-edge appliqued but I haven't had good luck with that lately. It doesn't seem to matter if I used Heat N Bond or Steam a Seam for applique, my fabric threads. It is really driving me nuts having to go over a quilt after giving it a haircut. I know with raw-edge, the fray is more obvious(at least to me) so I will probably just go ahead and button-hole them. Clear as mud? lol!


  1. It looks good. Is it your design?????

  2. Cute applique...I do love the little chicks and you have given me a good idea for my March block swap.

  3. So you're rooting for Spring... right? I love them both! Very sweet!


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