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Hello hello! Yup, not a pre-posted post this time lol. Thanx for all your emails and well wishes. Thought I would let you know that I am feeling fabulous since the surgery. Surgeon was thrilled with how well it went(as are Jim and I lol!) and the surgeon feels that that very long unfun chapter in my life has now been completed-yay!

I totally forgot to post the winner of Tempting Tuesday. It is Laurie of Simple Things. Congrats Laurie! Please email me your card choice and your mailing address.

Here's another quilt for Hamels. I LOVE the fabrics in this, so pretty. Quilted with Fire Flower using Lava thread


  1. Good to see you are back and all is well. I love the colours in this quilt. And a great pattern

  2. Welcome back ...great news ..glad things have worked the quilt and fabric..take care

  3. Glad you're feeling good but let me caution you to not over-do it thinking you feel great. Post surgery aches and pains have a way of sneaking up on you when you do. Am I speaking from experience??? Maybe jsut a little! :)

  4. Welcome back Rhonda! Glad to hear your surgery went so well! Thanks for thinking of us and posting ahead of time...that's dedication! Take it easy and don't overdo it!

  5. nice flowers....i like the quilt..

  6. So glad your feeling better. I've emailed you my address for the card.
    Have a super day!



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