I used to collect birdhouses but I needed a change so I gave almost my entire collection away. Now I need to find something new to collect. Besides fabric that is lol


  1. Bookmarks! I have been collecting them for years. I have a special antique box I keep them in and love to make and give away wonderful bookmarks. since I work in a library and am completely addicted to books it is my collection of choice. (at least one of them) Love them!


  2. love the little birdhouse quilt. :)
    collecting birdhouses must've taken up a lot of space!
    you need to start scrapbooking so you can collect scrapbooking supplies! :P

  3. That is a great little birdhouse! 8-)
    Happy Easter!

  4. Happy Easter to you and your family too

  5. I understand change-- What about old skeketon keys, or Graniteware (a favorite of mine). It'll hit you when you least expect it.


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