i failed

Fail #1, this baby quilt. It just screams *I'm ugly!!* to me. I bought waaaay too much of the center fabric to make a baby quilt out of it and it is really hard to work with. I think I'll back this with the rest of it just to get rid of it. I had a friend tell me that she likes the quilt but I think she was just being nice lol!!

So that brings me to a question, could/would you give away an ugly quilt and not feel guilty? What if the recipient hated it?

Fail #2, and this cracks me right up. When we were in Seattle, ds#4 got a stuffie. Well ds#3 wanted one but we didn't go near a store again that had the kind of stuffie that he wanted(Webkinz anyone? lol) Yesterday, Jim took me out for a small drive(cabin fever had been REALLY setting in). We ended up near a store that sells Webkinz. Jim thought it was best for us to wait until #3 came home from school than take him so he could pick one out. I wanted to get him one and surprise him. I picked one out(I think it's adorable!) and brought it home.

Ds didn't have the greatest day at school and was not thrilled about his Webkin. I figured give him some time to settle down from the school day and he would feel differently. Instead, I go to go to bed last night and on my side of the bed is the bag with the Webkin inside and a note on top that reads *I don't like camels*. I'm still laughing.

And as a side note, #3 picked out a cocker spaniel Webkin this afternoon ;?


  1. I enjoyed reading through your blog tonight. I hope your surgery went well and that you are well recovered now. I am not sure if I would give away a quilt I though was ugly or not. You know, people see things differently, and someone might really just love something that you don't think is all that great.

    You could always offer it as a giveaway on your blog - you might be surprised how many people would love to have it!

  2. Hey, I love "Alice" the camel! Not that I collect Webkinz or anything...;)

  3. Ok so you don't like the quilt. Have you thought of donating it to the Linus quilt project? A lot of guilds make Linus quilts and I hate to say it but I have seen some really interesting (ugly) donations. Who knows, some child or some mother may really like it. Personally, I don't think it's ugly. Maybe it will become nicer in your eyes if it gets quilted nicely. I think the camel's cute. You could use him as your mascot - if you haven't returned him it for the dog. Your dilemma reminds me of when my gang was little...

  4. I wouldn't call it a failure. Maybe not what you had in mind when you made it but it is still quite pretty. If you decide not to gift it I like the giveaway idea, or what about making it up for a charity quilt or using it as a fancy pieced quilt backing for another quilt. If you really don't like it unpick it or slice of the seams and use the fabric for something else.

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who "fails". I love that note, my kids are older and I came across some similar notes when I was cleaning this week. One of my favorites said "I don't love you and that's final!" You have to laugh on a day like that. I've heard a quilter say if you don't love a fabric, cut it in smaller pieces. Maybe you could cut this in a few pieces and sew it back together and you'd like it better.

  6. Perhaps some cute colored rick rack on the quilt will make it cute? Just a thought. So you have the Webkins market covered like it is in this house. *shaking head* My kids are just as picky with what Webkins they get. A stuffed animal is a stuffed animal! Come on! SO GLAD you are posting and looks like you did great thru surgery!

  7. First off your quilt isn't ugly!! I think we can all be way too critical of ourselves. ( i know I am ) It is hard to give something to someone that you don't love....but you could always do a little embellishing on it. Applique something on it on a corner....Or you could always donate it. I know we are doing a lot of donation quilts with the Quilts for Kids organization.
    Just remember that NOT everyone can even sew a straight line, let alone put a quilt top together!! You did a good job! :)

    And your kids are so cute! Better get a different webkinz! :)

  8. i bet once you stipple quilt it, you'll feel differently about this quilt.

    how cute about the camel note.

  9. hiyall,
    first off, use that quilt top as BACKING on another baby quilt. once you mcahine quilt it, it wont matter!
    second, I love that camel! I didnt know that Webkins made camels. I have a webkins Bat. I collect bats and camels. the bat represents my native american animal totem. the camel because I was born in morocco (navy brat in the 50's). I have a fair size collection of both in my home. I would be willing to adopt the camel *grin* (mauh) Liz

  10. hi I came for a visit, via Imagine, Dream, Create blog and thought I would just say you have a nice little place here - I have no comment on what kids like or want -- but the little quilt can be saved, think on it - maybe some simple appliques, even machine appliqued on - use your stamping ideas and think of the quilt as a background piece... And yes, give it way. I have been quilting too many years to have kept everything - giving feels good, your local guild must have a charity program, use it... be part of it.


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