This had to be the boringest quilt ever. And huge, 110inches square. All in browns, solids, not even tone on tones. I'll admit, we had it floating around work for a long long time. Mom wanted to custom it but the cost wasn't worth it since it was/is a show quilt for Hamels

In the end, we put a panto on it. My favorite, Blowin Wind and a Lava thread(mom's favorite lol)

We both quilted this one. Mom started it and didn't finish before she went on holidays so I did the rest. And it turned out stunning. This is a case were quilting really makes the quilt. And I love it now. No longer boring


  1. Oh, my gosh Rhonda! That is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. I absolutely love, love, love this quilt!!! there a better word? WOW!!

  3. Well I think it is absolutely spectacular...I love it big time!!!!

    I want to thank you for your comments on my blog the other day...I didn't realize you had been experiencing similar issues...I hope things have settled down for you....


  4. I think the quilt is so beautiful! I wish it was mine!:-)
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. wow i love your quilt!
    um yes jace is sexier than edward he's got a bad boy thing about him. and clary is soooooooo much better than bella!
    no they aren't vampires but there are vampires in the books. i really like them!

  6. I bet most men would love that quilt. I think it is very nice and a couple of throw pillows on a bed with it would splash up the color. The quilting does look fantastic!

  7. This quilt turned out very nice! I love the colors!


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